This is going to be a blog dedicated to the study of the second coming of Jesus Christ, Son of God; and God the Son. The second coming, out of necessity causes us to realize there was a first coming.  The first coming of Christ Jesus was as a baby in a manger, born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14;  Matthew 1:23).

The second coming of Jesus was foretold by a man named Enoch, from the book of Genesis 5:21-24; and reported to us by Jude, the half brother of Jesus; also was foretold by the Old Testament prophets, and Jesus Himself.

So because of the many references to the second coming of Christ in prophecy it stands to reason that He will come again, since He has came the first.  Since He is coming again people need to be ready to see Him.  The only preparation needed is to come to Him through His cross – His death, burial and bodily resurrection.  He is coming again.


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